Tesla to Debut Model S/X Radio Upgrade to Bring Back FM Radio



Tesla infotainment upgrade

Tesla’s Infotainment Upgrade is for Model S and Model X owners with vehicles built March 2018 or earlier and costs $2,500 USD.

This MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade brings an updated computer for Model S and Model X owners, to allow for streaming videos, an expanded Tesla Arcade and more. The biggest upgrade is the ability to support the Full Self-Driving add-on to Autopilot.

When Tesla debuted this Infotainment Upgrade back in the spring of 2020, the company detailed how it would remove AM, FM and Sirius XM Radio, after the installation is complete.

“The upgraded infotainment system is not compatible with the original radio tuner that came equipped on your vehicle. You will still have access to internet radio and music streaming, including streaming over Bluetooth,” explained Tesla’s FAQ.

But earlier this week, Tesla updated its Infotainment Upgrade page (via @greentheonly) to note an additional Radio Upgrade is coming later this year, to bring back FM radio and Sirius XM radio. AM radio will still be going the way of the dodo bird.

The new FAQ asks, “Is there any way to keep access to AM, FM and Sirius XM radio?”

Tesla’s answer is, “Yes. Later in Q4 2020, it will be possible to retain access to FM radio and Sirius XM radio with an additional Radio Upgrade, which includes the installation of a compatible radio tuner and antennas. It is not possible to retain access to AM radio.”

Tesla says the Infotainment Upgrade is “scheduling now” for Model S and Model X owners with Autopilot 2.0 and 2.5 computers. All remaining Model S and Model X owners will get the option to book this upgrade as “coming soon.”

So in a nutshell, pay $2,500 for an Infotainment Upgrade, then pay a possible $500+ more for this extra Radio Upgrade to bring back FM radio and Sirius XM radio, that was removed to allow for an MCU2 upgrade.

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