GM Subsidiary Cruise Testing Driverless Vehicles in San Francisco [VIDEO]

Autonomous driving is a hot topic in the automobile world right now, and while Tesla is the only company with the technology deployed to consumers, even in just a beta form, a number of other companies are working towards debuting their own self-driving technologies in the near future. General Motors’ (GM) autonomous driving subsidiary, Cruise, […]

2021 Ford Mach-E Mustang Sees Up to $3,000 Price Drops

There’s no denying that the Mustang is a classic car, and with Ford’s release of the Mustang Mach-E series, consumers now have an electric version of the fan favorite. And now, the price is coming down. As of Tuesday, the base price of the 2021 Mach-E Mustang has been reduced, according to Mach-E Forum. The […]

Tesla Brings Back Enhanced Autopilot In-App Purchase for $4,000 [Update]

Image via u/StreamKimPetras  Tesla has quietly brought back Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) as an in-app purchase Autopilot Upgrade, available for $4,000 USD, targeting older models that do not the functionality. Enhanced Autopilot brings Navigate on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, Autopark and Summon, at the cost of $4,000 in the United States, spotted on late Friday by […]

General Motors to Expand Charging Network By Partnering with EVGo

General Motors is partnering with EVGo to install 2,700 new fast chargers throughout the United States. With the two companies recently announcing their plan, we can expect the next five years to revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) industry. These fast chargers will be more convenient with compatibility for multiple electric vehicle models.As reported by CNN, […]

All Vehicles in British Columbia to be Fully Electric by 2040

British Columbia is already known to have one of the largest charging networks in Canada, with government incentives that encourage purchasing electric vehicles. The province recently announced that they were to implement some new regulations to hit their 100% electric vehicle by 2040. The province had already revealed their plans back in 2018. As reported […]

How to Watch NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Launch

As if helping with Crew Dragon launches wasn’t enough, NASA has officially announced they will be launching ‘Perseverance’ on July 30, at 4:50 PDT (also less than an hour from now). This car-sized robot is heading to Mars and will spend years exploring the crater Jezero, which used to be a lake billions of years […]

Aurora Begins Test Drives For Robotrucking Service, Expands to Texas

Aurora has worked towards developing self-driving technology for passenger vehicles. The Palo Alto-based company recently made an announcement that they would begin tests of trucks in Texas, starting in the Dallas-Fort Worth region as reported by Forbes. Texas plays a huge role in the transportation of goods, while keeping a close eye on the safety […]

Stats App For Tesla Teases New Widgets in iOS 14

Yesterday, the creator of the Stats App for Tesla posted on Reddit. They released a photo about the new iOS 14 Stats App widget, which is currently a beta version. They later posted an updated version of the app, including an ‘Estimated Range’ counter. The image below also shows the app’s full iOS interface. When […]

SpaceX and NASA Crew Reaches International Space Station

image via SpaceX on Twitter Despite some setbacks, the SpaceX and NASA launch was a major success on Saturday afternoon. As astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley prepared for launch, the excitement mounted. The YouTube live stream for the momentous collaboration between private and public space explorers reached a viewership of over 2 million. Now, […]

Tesla Model S Performance Receives Updated 0-60 mph Figure

The Tesla Model S Performance received some recent changes to its initial 0-60 mph estimates. On a new update found on Tesla’s website, the new 0-60 mph speed for the Tesla Model S Performance has been changed to 2.3 seconds. As seen on Tesla’s website, the figure remains quite impressive for the electric vehicle. In […]