General Motors to Expand Charging Network By Partnering with EVGo

General Motors is partnering with EVGo to install 2,700 new fast chargers throughout the United States. With the two companies recently announcing their plan, we can expect the next five years to revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

These fast chargers will be more convenient with compatibility for multiple electric vehicle models.As reported by CNN, these new charging stations will be open in popular areas, like groceries stores and retail locations. This means that people can charge their electric vehicles with ease, while having a stroll going shopping.

The companies want to cover all a range of locations, in both the city and suburbs. CEO of General Motors Mary Barra stated that they want to cater to those living in apartments, since they probably do not have access to personal charging.

It sounds like easy public charging stations will increase the demand for electric vehicles. Fast chargers are also more favorable as they are much quicker and efficient, able to reach a charging speed of up to 350kW. This project should coincide with General Motors’ vehicle release in 2021, featuring their new all-electric Hummer Truck.

Tesla currently has around 2,000 Superchargers, so General Motors would not only triple their charging network by following through, but also potentially surpass Tesla in this market.