Tesla’s Texas Factory Produces First Diecast Model Y Body

Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas is set to begin production this summer, and recently the company’s Director of Product Design confirmed plans to produce a diecast Model Y.

According to a new post on the Tesla Motors subreddit, Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas produced a 130-kilogram Diecast, seemingly with the front underside of the Model Y.

While Tesla’s Model Y was previously produced in multiple casting parts, the company has transitioned over the past year to a single front-piece cast, which is also said to decrease production time significantly.

To achieve the diecast Model Y body, the company uses a large Gigapress casting machine, which, at Gigafactory Texas, is just one of many spread across the company’s facilities. Namely, the company has two Gigapress casting machines at each of its Fremont and Shanghai factories, and a recent video also showed one at the company’s under-construction Austin Gigafactory.

Tesla also increased the price of both its Model Y and Model 3 units last month, by up to $1,000 (USD) depending on the variant selected by the buyer.

In February, the Tesla Model Y claimed the world’s third best-selling electric vehicle (EV) spot, just behind the Chinese market’s Wuling HongGuang Mini EV.

Tesla also led worldwide sales of EVs in this year’s first quarter, having sold a total of 184,500 units total within the period.