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Tesla Model Y with 4680: Sentry Mode Battery Drain Test [VIDEO]

Tesla’s Model Y with 4680 battery cells has been delivered to a few buyers, and one of them has just shared a new test of the vehicle while parked using Sentry Mode. Spoken Reviews shared a battery-drain test with the 2022 Tesla Model Y on Sunday, focusing on how the battery performs while using Sentry […]

Tesla Launches Sentry Mode Live Camera in Canada and Beyond

Tesla’s Sentry Mode Live Camera feature is now available outside the United States, as the feature has launched in Canada, Europe and beyond, with the company’s 2021 holiday update (2021.44.25.2). Tesla North can confirm Sentry Mode Live Camera view is working in Canada, as seen in screenshots shared by reader Robert in British Columbia, on […]

Tesla Owner Creates Own ‘Live Sentry Mode’ Hack in Romania [VIDEO]

After Tesla’s software update 2021.36.8 brought Live Camera Access Sentry Mode to drivers in the U.S., the feature has yet to expand outside of the automaker’s home country. One user in Europe created their own Tesla’s Sentry Live Camera Access Mode using a third-party dashcam, as depicted in a video shared on Monday by @Sawyer […]

Tesla Sentry Mode Live Camera View Limited to 90 Minutes Per Day

Tesla released its 2021.36.8 software update earlier this week, which brought Live Camera access for Sentry Mode to the dedicated iPhone app. The update also lets you talk through your Pedestrian Warning Speaker (only available on newer models that support Boombox and have an external speaker) using the app to scare would-be thieves or just […]

First Look: Tesla Sentry Mode Live View on iOS App [VIDEO]

Earlier today it was noted Tesla’s upcoming software update 2021.36.8 will include support for Sentry Mode live viewing from the company’s mobile app for iPhone users. Now, we’re seeing the first look at Sentry Mode live viewing on the iPhone, in a new video shared by Jakoda Prime on YouTube. Click here to watch the […]

Tesla Mobile App May Livestream Sentry Mode Video Soon

Back in September, Amazon’s Ring launched Car Connect, to allow Tesla owners to watch and record Sentry Mode from their mobile devices. The add-on device is priced at $199 USD and isn’t slated to launch until 2021. But now it appears Tesla may soon allow owners to perform a similar function, natively—and for free. According […]

Ring Car Connect: Watch/Record Tesla Sentry Mode from Mobile

At Amazon’s special event today, the company unveiled new Echo, Fire TV, Eero 6 devices and more. One new announcement was the introduction of Ring Car Connect, a new API for automakers to allow customers to get push notifications on their smartphones from detected events. The new Ring Car Connect API also allows users to […]

Tesla Sentry Mode Captures Brazen RV Theft on Camera, Saves the Day

In the modern age, thieves are getting smarter by the day, making it tough to protect your assets. However, one Canadian family’s electric vehicle (EV) helped them recover their lost goods. According to Global News BC, a Langley family’s Tesla caught video of thieves stealing their RV out of their driveway on Thursday. One member […]