Tesla ‘Allow Remote Camera Access’ Setting Discovered–For Sentry Mode Live-Streaming?



Allow mobile access tesla

Last month, hacker @greentheonly known for sharing tidbits about Tesla’s future plans by digging into software code, found the Tesla mobile app may soon allow for live-streaming Sentry Mode to your smartphone.

On Tuesday morning, @greentheonly shared a screenshot showing off a Tesla Safety & Security setting for “Allow Remote Camera Access”.

The setting suggests it may be related to the upcoming streaming feature of Sentry Mode to the Tesla app.

Tesla owners care deeply about their vehicles and the ability to view live-streams of your vehicle’s cameras would make it incredibly convenient to ensure your car is safe.

Imagine getting a notification to your phone when Sentry Mode detects human movement and you can immediately start streaming to check what’s going on, to help you decide whether to take action or not.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently promised an exciting holiday software update is coming, and live-streaming Sentry Mode directly to your iPhone or Android phone would definitely be up there as a cool feature to have.

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