First Look: Tesla HW4 Dashcam Clips Recorded During Day and Night [VIDEOS]

tesla hardware 4 dashcam clips

Earlier today we told you Tesla had started to deliver Model S and Model X vehicles with its new Hardware 4 (HW4) suite of cameras.

Now, we are seeing some of the first video clips from these new cameras, thanks to The Kilowatts, who visited a Tesla showroom in San Francisco that had the new Model S on the floor.

It just so happened The Kilowatts had a USB stick to plug into the glove box to record some Sentry Mode videos and share the resolution and fps of these new HW4 cameras.

Check out the clips below–the videos appear to be much clearer than previous cameras:

According to The Kilowatts we have the resolution of the front camera at 2896×1876 at 30fps, while the left, right and rear cameras record at 1448×938 resolution and 30fps.

“Previously all cams exported at 1280 × 960 and varied in frame rate between 24fps and 30fps,” said The Kilowatts. This means the front has double the resolution compared to before.

There are no signs of cameras in the front bumper if you were wondering.

According to one customer’s delivery experience of a HW4 Model X Plaid, the vehicle came with missing features, specifically Autopilot features:

  • Car agent representation on the legacy AP visualization (just the lanes are drawn)
  • Cruise Control, Autopilot, and Navigate on Autopilot
  • FSD opt-in
  • Parking sensors
  • Autopark
  • Preview FSD Beta Visualization
  • Summon

It’s likely these features will be re-introduced in a later software update.

If you want to see how these HW4 cameras fare at night, check out the videos shared earlier by u/jasondclinton here, here and here.