Tesla Starts Delivering Model S/X with Hardware 4, APIs Read ‘TeslaAP4’ [PICS]

Photo: u/jasondclinton on Reddit

Tesla’s Model S and X units are now delivering with the company’s HW4 computing system, as spotted by @Teslascope on a Model X Plaid in California.

Teslascope, which effectively tracks software update deployment on Tesla’s vehicles, spotted one Model X Plaid in California with a software update version 2023.2.200.

The account later confirmed that the vehicle included HW4, as well as an API response featuring a hardware value dubbed “TeslaAP4,” though it was labeled “TeslaAP3” in Tesla’s old vehicles.

Another Model X Plaid was delivered to a buyer who posted about it on Reddit, noting that the vehicle had a build date of February 25 and adding that visualizations weren’t yet working correctly. The user also shared a photo and video album showing the visualizations during a drive, and only the lane visualizer works correctly.

“Nothing works, at the moment, being the most noticeable difference. Here’s the features that I’ve noticed are missing, so far,” says “jasondclinton”:

  • Car agent representation on the legacy AP visualization (just the lanes are drawn)
  • Cruise Control, Autopilot, and Navigate on Autopilot
  • FSD opt-in
  • Parking sensors
  • Autopark
  • Preview FSD Beta Visualization
  • Summon

“My backup camera is also [dead on arrival]. They tried fixing it at the Deliver Center but they couldn’t bring it back online so I’ve got an appointment scheduled for Thursday to fix this and other defects. Those are,” according to the new owner:

  • Dead backup camera
  • Water in a tail light
  • Water seal leak in driver’s side door vent window
  • Driver’s side FWD has a phantom sensor reading on close

The album also includes several photos of the vehicle’s interior and exterior, as well as a few shots of the information menus on the Tesla’s touchscreen. The vehicle also shows the Tesla software as v11.1 (2023.2.200), confirming Teslascope’s findings.

Photos of Tesla’s HW4 navigation computer and filings for the hardware leaked online just a few weeks ago, both suggesting that the upgrade from HW3 would be coming to Model S and X units soon.

Tesla has also been selling off existing Model S and X HW3 inventory at discounts of up to $16,000, another predictor of the new HW4 vehicles.

Yesterday, Tesla dropped the price of Model S and Model X by $5,000 and $10,000, as more price cutting continues.