Tesla Discounts Model S/X Existing ‘Demo’ Inventory, Up to $16,000 Off

Photo: Tesla

Tesla appears to be selling off some of the existing inventory of its Model S and X units in the U.S., as spotted by @Tslachan on Thursday.

As Tslachan points out, many of the vehicles in Tesla’s inventory are demo vehicles, with some having less than 50 miles on their odometers.

Users in the thread noted that it could be related to Tesla’s upcoming HW4 vehicles, which reports in recent weeks suggested would be coming to both the Model S and X. It could mean that Tesla is selling off Model S and X inventory with HW3 so that it can begin producing all new units with the HW4 computing system.

Some pricing examples for 2023 Model S as of writing:

  • Dual Motor demo with 842 mile odometer: $84,240 (save $12,250 USD); location Central Valley California
  • 2022 Plaid demo with less than 50 mile odometer: $107,000 (save $15,990 USD) location Central Valley California

…and for 2023 Model X:

  • Dual Motor demo with less than 50 mile odometer: $98,580 (save $11,410 USD); location: Reno
  • Dual Motor demo with 246 mile odometer: $112,260 (save $13,230 USD); location: Bay Area

While the existing inventory listings note “demo vehicle”, most have odometers with less than 50 miles, indicating they are likely new cars. Inventory will vary depending on your location. Discounts are also available on existing Model S and Model X inventory in Canada.

Tesla’s HW4 leaked online from an alleged Model X refresh last week, with code sleuth @greentheonly documenting differences between the new hardware and HW3.

Last month, another HW4 document leaked showing that Tesla will probably reduce the number of front cameras on the system from three to two.

The news also comes over a month after massive price cuts hit Tesla’s entire lineup, slashing purchase costs by as much as $21,000 on some models.

It also comes after CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla demand was at an all-time high last month at the automaker’s Q4 2022 earnings call.