First Look: Tesla Sentry Mode Live View on iOS App [VIDEO]

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Earlier today it was noted Tesla’s upcoming software update 2021.36.8 will include support for Sentry Mode live viewing from the company’s mobile app for iPhone users.

Now, we’re seeing the first look at Sentry Mode live viewing on the iPhone, in a new video shared by Jakoda Prime on YouTube. Click here to watch the video.

When your Tesla is parked and Sentry Mode is enabled, you can use the iPhone app (version 4.2.1) to see a live view from four cameras. Tapping each camera will change to the live view from each camera.

This is great to allow for real-time viewing of what’s around your vehicle, encrypted-end-to-end, according to Tesla.

Tesla said a future update would allow customers to speak into their mobile app to then project voices to the car’s pedestrian warning system speaker.