Tesla 2021.36.8 Software Update Brings Sentry Mode Live Camera Access

Photo: @SawyerMerritt

The reveal of Tesla’s Dashcam Live Streaming interface last week only hinted at the potential for a Live Camera Access mode, but a new update shows that the feature is now operational.

Tesla has unveiled its Sentry Mode Live Camera Access mode, according to a photo shared by @Sawyer Merritt on Wednesday.

The update allows user to stream their Sentry Mode footage from their mobile devices, so long as they have iOS and have version 4.2.1 of the app or higher, along with Premium Connectivity.

“You can now remotely view your car’s surroundings when parked to confirm
the safety of your environment before returning to your car. Live Camera is
end-to-end encrypted and cannot be accessed by Tesla. To enable or disable
tap Controls > Safety & Security,” reads the 2021.36.8 release notes.

The Tesla mobile app Dashcam live streaming feature is also end-to-end encrypted, and it can’t even be accessed by Tesla, according to the feature’s release notes.

A setting to allow remote camera access was discovered last year, alluding to the feature, which only became fully available in Tesla’s most recent update.

Tesla’s Sentry Mode has a history of catching theft on camera and helping authorities catch those they’re looking for, but Sentry Mode has also been used to help film a band music video, as well as to catch an individual pretending to be hit by a Tesla vehicle.

Still, Tesla’s Sentry Mode live streaming will add a whole new element of security for vehicle owners, and owners are excited about the feature after nearly a year of the company hinting at it.

We have yet to see 2021.36.8 to be detected on cars using Tesla data services such as Teslascope and TeslaFi, so stay tuned for updates.