Tesla Sentry Mode from Random Cars Helps Band Film Music Video [WATCH]

Tesla’s Sentry Mode has helped owners catch criminals, but in a new update from the system, one group of musicians has officially used the technology to film a music video.

Earlier this month, Germany-based Autojohn uploaded a music video that was shot on the Sentry Modes of Tesla vehicles owned by random owners. While out traveling around, the team would simply approach random Teslas in the wild and perform for the video, then they would leave a note with a URL at which the owners could upload the footage.

To the crew’s surprise, many of the owners not only checked the recordings, but many of them also uploaded the footage capture by their vehicle’s Sentry Mode. The music video features keyboard, drums, vocals, and bass, and has been arranged top-to-bottom in a portrait/phone-style framing.

The video takes place at a wide variety of locations, including multiple electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, an open field, and other random locations around a city.

Recently, one hacker discovered an “allow remote camera access” setting in Tesla’s Sentry Mode settings, which would not only be super useful for Tesla owners, but also would make it even easier than using the car’s cameras to make a music video.

You can watch the full music video, as created with Teslas from strangers below.