First Look: Tesla App Dashcam Live Streaming Interface Revealed



Photo: @Teslascope

After updating its mobile app for both iOS and Android on Wednesday, some Tesla users have noticed that the update hints at Tesla dashcam live streaming, and one account has discovered a related user interface (UI) to the feature.

@Teslascope shared a first look on late Thursday at the dashcam live streaming feature’s UI, as discovered in the newly-updated mobile app’s code.

The photo of the UI shows the words “Live Camera” at the top, and includes instructions for turning on the live camera by allowing remote camera access and by turning on Sentry Mode. The Dashcam feature requires a USB drive in the car.

While the feature isn’t currently available still, many users have expressed interest in the ability to see their dashcam footage from their phones, especially in a live streaming capacity. Once available, it appears that users will be able to select specific cameras on the car to view footage from, effectively allowing users to see the exact footage angle they want to see.

While the dashcam live streaming feature was also discovered in the app’s code last year by @greenetheonly, though it had since disappeared again until the unveiling of the recent update.

Still, the inclusion once again of the feature and a dedicated UI on the phone’s mobile app hints to the fact that it could be coming sooner rather than later, and could be right around the corner.

With live dashcam streaming from the mobile app, Tesla owners will be able to see what’s happening around their vehicles when they aren’t around. Also discovered was the ability to talk into your phone and have it broadcast from the Tesla pedestrian warning speaker.

Update Oct. 14, 5:19pm PDT: Here’s a better look at how the live dash cam feature will work, thanks to some animations shared by @olympusdev_:

When Tesla releases its 2021.40 software update, the latter will also allow for in-car purchases as well:

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