Tesla Mobile App Hints at Dashcam Live Streaming Soon and More

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Tesla has updated its mobile app on Wednesday evening for both iOS and Android.

The Tesla iPhone app update brings improvements to larger iOS widgets, adding quick controls to lock/unlock doors, climate, charging, and frunk.

“Solar and Powerwall supports Tesla-maintained utility rate plans. Utility rate plans now support seasons, multiple peak periods, and buy & sell energy prices,” explains the Tesla app update release notes.

“Powerwall’s Time-Based Control mode supports the updated rate plans to more accurately use energy from Powerwall when power is expensive and charge from other sources when power is at its cheapest,” added Tesla.

Save dashcam clip

Also noted in the Tesla mobile app code was reference to the API, “dashcam save clip”, as noted by @Teslascope. This would be a major update to allow owners to view and save dashcam clips from their smartphones.

According to @Kutarin_, image assets from the update also details the following file names:

  • Camera_front_selected.png
  • Camera_left_selected.png
  • Camera_right_selected.png
  • Camera_back_selected.png

@Teslascope also says there is mention of dashcam live streaming, plus the ability to view dashcam clips. Tesla owners will also be able to speak into their mobile phone to send their voice over the pedestrian warning system speakers, to ward off intruders and thieves, for example.

According to developer @greentheonly, the user notes, “there are signs this and more are coming (including live viewing of car cameras on sentry mode)”.

You’ll also be able to soon make in-car purchases with firmware 2021.40:

Owners have been wanting to view Tesla dashcam clips from their mobile phones for the longest time. It’s unclear when this feature will launch but all signs point that it will be coming soon.

Last October, it was uncovered by @greentheonly dashcam live viewing may be coming to the Tesla mobile app at some point. Now, it appears this feature request may become a reality sooner rather than later.

…more to follow