California Truck Driver Trolls Tesla, Then Gets into Crash Captured on Camera [VIDEO]

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While we don’t like to normally share videos of people getting into accidents or getting hurt, the following is a lesson in karma for one truck driver’s erratic and dangerous behaviour.

According to u/dillonfrancissdad, the Tesla Model 3 owner shared Sentry Mode footage of a Nissan truck driver intent on ruining this electric vehicle driver’s day. The video shows the Nissan passing the Model 3 by going into oncoming traffic, barely avoiding a collision at high speed. The driver then suddenly brake checks the Model 3 for no apparent reason.

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Upon getting into the left turning lane, the Nissan truck driver doesn’t see an oncoming vehicle and crashes right into the other car—all captured by the Model 3. The truck swerves 180-degrees and the shocked Nissan owner can be seen on camera, definitely questioning their decision-making.

According to ‘dillonfrancissdad’, this all happened along Bennett Valley Road in Santa Rosa, California.

Sadly, the female truck driver also had a dog in the car at the time of the accident, which you can see pop up in the window at the end of the video. It’s unknown if the dog is hurt or not.

The Model 3 owner, ‘dillonfrancissdad’, did pull over and call 911, while also emailed the Sentry Mode footage to police. “Apparently both parties were [okay],” said the Reddit user.

The Nissan driver was “holding up her phone trying to take pictures while driving too,” explained the Tesla owner. As to why the truck driver was acting this way? It’s unclear.

“General assholery? Wanted to shove it to the liberal snowflake who drives a Tesla? Lol who knows,” said ‘dillonfrancissdad’, who said they were driving the speed limit and the Model 3 had no political stickers of any kind on its bumper.

When you’re really intent on ruining someone’s day (OC from today) 🙃 from IdiotsInCars

It’s never fun to witness a car accident. You have to feel for the other driver that was hit by the Nissan truck driver.