Tesla Launches Sentry Mode Live Camera in Canada and Beyond

Sentry live view canada

Tesla’s Sentry Mode Live Camera feature is now available outside the United States, as the feature has launched in Canada, Europe and beyond, with the company’s 2021 holiday update (2021.44.25.2).

Tesla North can confirm Sentry Mode Live Camera view is working in Canada, as seen in screenshots shared by reader Robert in British Columbia, on his 2021 Model Y Long Range.

Sentry mode live camera canada

To turn on Sentry Mode Live Camera view, you first need to go to the ‘Safety’ menu in your Tesla, then toggle on ‘View Live Camera via Mobile App’. Once that’s done, you’ll then see the option to ‘View live camera’ in the Tesla mobile app under the Sentry Mode toggle. From here, you can select from one of four cameras on your Tesla to view what’s happening in real-time.

For iPhone users, you’ll also need to grant access to the microphone and camera, so you can also speak to those outside your car, projecting from the Pedestrian Warning Speaker.

With Sentry Mode Live Camera, Tesla owners can now view what’s happening outside their vehicles at anytime from the Tesla mobile app, either over Wi-Fi or a data connection.

Tesla first launched its Sentry Mode Live Camera feature back in October of this year, but it was limited to the U.S. at the time.