Tesla Sentry Mode Live Camera View Limited to 90 Minutes Per Day

Tesla released its 2021.36.8 software update earlier this week, which brought Live Camera access for Sentry Mode to the dedicated iPhone app.

The update also lets you talk through your Pedestrian Warning Speaker (only available on newer models that support Boombox and have an external speaker) using the app to scare would-be thieves or just for a prank.

Unfortunately, Reddit user ChiefMonkee has discovered that Live Camera access is limited to a total of ~90 minutes per day. It looks like users won’t be able to access the feature for the rest of the day once they’ve exhausted that limit.

Granted, the Tesla ChiefMonkee ran into this restriction on was on a cellular internet connection when it happened, so it could just be a matter of Tesla limiting how long you can use the feature for over LTE in order to minimize data charges. More tests need to be conducted on a Tesla connected to Wi-Fi for a solid conclusion.

If you’ve installed the 2021.36.8 software update on your Tesla, you need to enable Live Camera access in order to use it. To do so, toggle the View Live Camera via Mobile App option to On after navigating to Safety & Security, and scrolling down to the Sentry Mode section.

At the time of writing, Live Camera access only works with version 4.2.1 (or higher) of the Tesla app for iPhone.