Tesla App to Let You Talk Through the Car Speaker, Confirms Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed you will be able to use the company’s mobile app to “talk through the car speaker,” again.

On Tuesday afternoon, Musk replied to a tweet online saying, “you can also talk through the car speaker. Great for practical jokes :)”. Musk was replying to @tesla_raj about the upcoming mobile app feature that will let owners view Sentry Mode cameras live from their iPhone.

As for a release date for the ability to talk through your car speaker from the Tesla app? No timeline was provided but Musk did tweet a ‘ghost’ emoji, suggesting the debut would appear in time for Halloween.

Musk first teased a ‘talk Tesla’ back in January of 2020. This would occur through the Pedestrian Warning Speaker, available in newer cars that emit a sound when in ‘reverse gear’.

Evidence of this feature was also found earlier this month by @Teslascope, within the Tesla mobile app’s code.

Are you looking forward to pranking people by talking into your Tesla?