First Ford F-150 Lightning Delivered in Michigan

Ford has officially begun delivering the F-150 Lightning, and the first owner has shared several details on the electric pickup. The first of Ford’s F-150 Lightning pickups has been delivered, as shown in a picture on F150Gen14 on Thursday. The delivery made its way to Nick, a member of the F-150 Lightning Forum who shared […]

New Tesla Service Center Coming to Ann Arbor, Michigan

A local bowling alley in Ann Arbor, Michigan is set to close in April and reopen as a Tesla Service Center, according to M Live (via Reddit). The lot is located on 3530 Jackson Road in Ann Arbor, with the bowling alley having been sold to real estate developers who are planning to turn the […]

Tesla Still Dominates in Ford’s Top 5 States for EV Registrations

Ford Motor Co.’s home state of Michigan was the veteran automaker’s largest electric vehicle (EV) market in the U.S. for the first 10 months of 2021, with one in every five EV registrations in the state being a Mustang Mach-E — reports Automotive News. The legacy automaker managed to register 1,235 Mustang Mach-E crossovers in […]

GM to Invest Over $3 Billion to Make Electric Vehicles in Michigan

  General Motors (GM) announced plans to create a joint venture for processing cathodes last week, and a new report shows the company is also working to revamp some other facilities for electric vehicle (EV) production in Michigan. GM is set to dedicate over $3 billion USD to EV production projects throughout Michigan, as it […]

Michigan to Build Wireless Charging Road for Electric Vehicles in the U.S.

As zero-emission vehicles continue to grow in popularity throughout the world, charging infrastructure remains a major barrier to mainstream adoption – and while range anxiety and concerns over charging continue to plague potential battery-powered car buyers, one U.S. state is looking for solutions in new technology. A new pilot program is emerging in Michigan after […]

Holland Police in Michigan Unveil Tesla Model 3 Cruiser

After purchasing a Tesla Model 3 for the Holland Department of Public Security (HDPS) back in September, the all-electric sedan has been on duty since the beginning of the new year — reports the Holland Sentinel. After approving an alternative fuel vehicle purchasing policy for city vehicles, the city council of Holland, Michigan decided the […]

Ann Arbor Police to Add Ford Mustang Mach-E to Vehicle Fleet

Police departments all over the United States have started adding electric vehicles (EVs) to their patrol fleets, in order to make a move towards sustainability in policing. On Saturday, Michigan Live reported that the Ann Arbor Police Department (AAPD) has been approved by city council to purchase two 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-Es, set to replace […]

Proposed Bill Banning Tesla Sales in Michigan Fails in Senate

Lucky for electric vehicle (EV) companies like Tesla, Lucid, and Rivian, Michigan House Bill 6233 has been left in the dust. On Monday, a Lucid spokesperson revealed to CNET that Michigan House Bill 6233 had died in its final week of potential legislation. The bill, which was to effectively ban non-Michigan companies like Tesla, Lucid, […]

Custom Tesla Model 3 Police Car Ride-Along [VIDEO]

Along with Holland, Michigan police officers opting into Tesla police cars, many communities have the opportunity to use the electric vehicles (EVs) in their law enforcement agencies. Among them is Westport, Connecticut Police Department. In a video released earlier this month, YouTube channel Now You Know shared a video with a ride-along in a Westport […]