First Ford F-150 Lightning Delivered in Michigan

Photo: oneguynick / F-150 Lightning Forum

Ford has officially begun delivering the F-150 Lightning, and the first owner has shared several details on the electric pickup.

The first of Ford’s F-150 Lightning pickups has been delivered, as shown in a picture on F150Gen14 on Thursday.

The delivery made its way to Nick, a member of the F-150 Lightning Forum who shared the information Thursday morning.

Nick is a Michigan resident who ordered the F-150 Lightning with Platinum trim.

After reserving the F-150 Lightning on May 20, 2021, the official order went through on January 7, 2022.

Following the actual order, the F-150 Lightning was produced on April 18, before officially being delivered on May 26 — for a timeline of just over a year from reservation to delivery.

Nick said he spoke with Ford PR and found out he was the first delivery of the F-150 Lightning, which took place at Richardson Ford on 3781 South Huron Road.

One fellow user in the forum said, “So much for the ‘nobody who already got one of the many trucks already delivered is on these forums’ theory.”

Ford CEO Jim Farley responded to Nick on Twitter, saying, “Congratulations, @oneguynick! Enjoy your #F150Lightning! Can’t wait to hear how you like it.”

Ford gave an increased horsepower and payload capacity to the F-150 Lightning just a few weeks ago for those that order the commercial-focused Pro model.

Official production of the Ford F-150 Lightning began in April, right in line with when Nick says his F-150 Lightning’s build date is.