Holland Police in Michigan Unveil Tesla Model 3 Cruiser

After purchasing a Tesla Model 3 for the Holland Department of Public Security (HDPS) back in September, the all-electric sedan has been on duty since the beginning of the new year — reports the Holland Sentinel.

After approving an alternative fuel vehicle purchasing policy for city vehicles, the city council of Holland, Michigan decided the Tesla Model 3 would be the city administration’s first all-electric vehicle.

Unlike the town of Eden Prairie in Minneapolis, Holland has assigned its Tesla to its unit of detectives rather than turning it into a patrol car. That being the case, the HDPS was able to leave the car in stock condition — the only modification made was the installation of a police radio.

While the Model 3 did set the city back $49,000, Holland officials hope that the annual savings in fuel costs and vehicle maintenance, combined with net-zero emissions, will more than justify their decision.

Holland’s Model 3 will be making the rounds between detectives every few months, and it is currently being driven around the city by Detective Sergeant Jim Ludema — a self-described techie who simply can’t get enough of Tesla’s user experience.

“Performance-wise, it’s a phenomenal car”, said the Detective Sergeant. “Acceleration, handling, all-wheel drive even in the snow. It’s great”. Not to mention, the Model 3 is the safest car in the world.

According to Assistant City Manager Matt VanDyken, the city of Holland doesn’t have a set timeline for evaluating the Model 3’s performance as a city vehicle, but he expects a formal review to take place during budget preparation next year.