Minneapolis Town Adds Tesla Model Y to its Police Fleet



Image: @MontrealTesla on Twitter

According to a recently published tweet citing an official list disclosing proposed vehicle purchases from its Fleet Services Division, the town of Eden Prairie in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has purchased a brand new Tesla Model Y to its fleet of police cruisers.

The Tesla Model Y is seen among a list of new vehicles purchased by the town for its police department for calendar year 2021, and also includes three units of the Dodge Charger AWD.

The town chose a Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD, and it is not only the only electric car on their list of proposed purchases for the upcoming year but will also be the first electric car on their police department’s fleet of cruisers.

Eden Prairie is following in the footsteps of many other jurisdictions — Fremont, California, and Holland, Michigan to name a couple — within the U.S. that have purchased Tesla EVs to be used as police cruisers, and is also in support of Minneapolis’ Climate Action Plan.

The base Model Y Long Range AWD cost the town $52,290 USD, and light fixtures, equipment, and other bells and whistles needed to turn it into a squad car knocked the total cost up to $67,290 USD.

With other police departments that have made the same decision raving about their experience with (and cost-effectiveness of) Tesla EVs, this is certainly a step in the right direction for the town of Eden Prairie.


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