Fremont Police Tesla Fleet Coming After Successful Pilot Program

Tesla police cars are popping up around the US right now, and one of the first pilot programs has been determined a success by a California Police Department.

On Thursday, the Fremont Police Department released information on its pilot program, which used a Tesla Model S as a patrol car, and the department has determined that it will, in fact, purchase an entire fleet of zero-emission police patrol vehicles, as shared in a statement (via CBS).

In its report, the department wrote, “After careful review, the Pilot Program was determined to be a success. The police patrol electric vehicle met the needs of police services,” the department said in its report released Thursday.

The pilot program originally granted the Fremont Police Department its Tesla pilot car in 2019.

Sean Washington, Department Captain, said, “The final results from the one-year Electric Patrol Vehicle Pilot Program have been encouraging as the City of Fremont continues to look for cost-effective ways to help make Fremont more sustainable.”

During the program, the Model S consumed a total of $1,036 (USD) in energy, while the annual cost of gas for the average Ford patrol car totaled roughly $5,133 annually.

Police have said they may be looking to the Tesla Model Y for its fleet, citing a lower starting price, increased range, improved storage, and a higher clearance level – all benefits to a police officer looking to stay ahead of the curve.