Holland Police in Michigan Opt for the Tesla Model 3

A new development in Tesla police cars has come to light, this time in Michigan.

The Holland Department of Public Safety detectives are receiving a new Tesla Model 3 as its newest squad car, reports Holland Sentinel. The car will be used by the team’s detectives.

The long-range Model 3 will cost the city $49,308 in sum. Officials said they were also considering a Nissan Leaf and a Chevy Bolt as its first electric vehicle (EV), priced at $39,799 and $28,782, respectively.

City Manager, Keith Van Beek, told Holland City Council, “You’ll notice we’re only buying one, we’re not buying four of them.” He continued, “Because we want to do that evaluation, so that we have a better feel.”

In 2014, a Tesla Model S was in a high-speed chase when it had to drop out because of lack of battery charge. While Holland’s Model 3 will primarily be used for crime scenes and interviews, rather than high-speed pursuit, the car does seem equipped to be able to participate in the latter. And although law enforcement would hate to see the car stop in the middle of pursuit, that’s unlikely to be an issue in this detective-driven Tesla.

As EVs begin to take the automotive world by storm, even law enforcement officials are beginning to realize the importance of a move to all-electric. It will take time, but this is a step in the right direction.