Indiana Police Chief Praises Low Maintenance Costs of Tesla Model 3 Fleet

The Tesla Model 3 stands out as one of Tesla’s most appealing vehicles. The vehicle manages to strike a balance between Tesla’s more luxury offerings and a practical everyday driving experience. Though the vehicle is a few years old at this point, Tesla continues to improve the vehicle with new enhancements.

The police chief of Bargersville, Indiana, Todd Bertram, responded to a recent tweet in regards to the break even point of the Model 3 additions, which are coming up to a year for the force’s vehicle fleet. As the user @Tesla_CAN asks, “Is [this] the future? Do you feel like the experiment has gone as planned, better or worse?” Bertram responded saying, “Better. I think the break even point will be more like 19 months rather than 24 like we planned before.”

Bertam praised the low maintenance cost of the Model 3, noting the only thing they’ve done is replaced the rear tires, for the fleet of five Model 3s acquired nearly a year ago.

The police force represents a possible new trend in local municipal spending. The Model 3 offers significant fuel savings. The county expects to save money over time by adding the vehicles to their fleet. Furthermore, the force won’t have to worry about any performance or safety issues, as the Model 3 showcases some impressive figures in those departments.

[via Electrek]