Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Spoiler Hits Online Store for $800 USD



Model 3 carbon fiber spoiler

Tesla has launched online sales of a standalone carbon fiber spoiler for the Model 3, available for $800 USD in the United States.

“Improve high-speed stability by adding the carbon fiber spoiler to your trunk lid. Made from lightweight, cross-woven carbon fiber with a matte epoxy finish,” explains Tesla’s website.

Tesla model 3 carbon fiber spoiler

The $800 USD price tag includes shipping and installation (or $1200 CAD). Tesla says the spoiler will arrive to your Service Center of choice and once this is installed, no refunds are available.

Does this spoiler make a big difference when it comes to efficiency? According to a study by Unplugged Performance, they note “this product is not just for looks, it indeed performs improvements in high-speed stability and drag reduction. The vehicle’s total drag was reduced by 2.3% and the rear downforce was increased over baseline by 34.7%. This reduced the total drag coefficient (Cd) by 0.005.”

Yeah, so basically you’re buying this for looks, folks.

There are numerous third party aftermarket carbon fiber spoilers available for the Tesla Model 3 at one-fifth of this price or so, but if you have been waiting for an OEM product directly from Elon Musk, it’s now available.

A carbon fiber spoiler from Tesla for the Model S is $1,500 USD ($2,007 in Canada), so at $800 USD for the Model 3, this looks like a bargain, right?

Earlier today, Tesla made its towing package available for Model Y on its website as well.

[via Reddit]

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