Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg

Tesla Hits Milestone: Giga Berlin Pumps Out 1,000+ Cars in a Week

Tesla’s German Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg this week hit weekly production of over 1,000 cars for the first time since starting operations in March. Company CEO Elon Musk congratulated Giga Berlin staff on achieving the milestone in a tweet on Friday evening. Congratulations to Giga Berlin team on making over 1000 cars in a week! […]

Tesla Giga Berlin Reportedly Making 86 Model Y Performance Cars Daily: Report

According to the German publication, Tesla’s Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory is currently producing 86 Model Y Performance cars per day, claim unnamed sources. That works out to just over 600 cars per week — almost double the 350 units per week we reported the plant was piping out in April, but significantly less than Tesla’s goal […]

Tesla Giga Berlin Aims to Make 1,000 Model Y Cars Per Week by Month End

According to Automobilwoche, Tesla’s German Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg is currently producing 350 Model Y units per week (via @SawyerMerritt). Tesla will ramp production at the facility up to 1,000 units per week by the end of this month, but the report also says that Giga Berlin won’t see another significant increase in output for the rest […]

Watch: How a Tesla Model Y is Made at Giga Berlin [VIDEO]

Newly surfaced drone footage from inside Tesla’s now-operational Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg takes us on the same journey a Model Y takes across the production line, from casting to the paint job (via Reddit). The video is a recording of a television showing the process, that was on display during the recent Giga Berlin Model Y delivery event, […]

Tesla Model Y with Crimson Red Paint Teased at Giga Berlin [PICS]

Tesla fans have caught a few glimpses at the automaker’s upcoming crimson red color, and a new set of photos surfaced on Wednesday depicting the vehicle under privacy wraps. A Tesla Model Y from Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg featuring the coveted crimson red paint job was spotted under wraps and shared in photos on Wednesday by @Tesla_Adri. […]

Tesla’s Giga Berlin Showing Even More Model Y Cars Outside [VIDEO]

YouTuber Tobias Lindh on Saturday posted another construction update for Tesla’s Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory. This marks Lindh’s first aerial tour of Giga Berlin following the facility being awarded conditional approval to begin commercial production on Friday. Lindh’s drone footage showcases a lot of progress at Giga Berlin, including asphalt carpeting on the trailer yard and new […]

Tesla Model Y Performance Vehicles Spotted on Transport at Giga Berlin [VIDEO]

YouTube channel and drone pilot, the_wolfpack_berlin, has shared a new construction update for the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin, Brandenburg, with drone footage from Saturday, January 22. We can see Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg’s parking lot teeming with fully assembled Model Y Performance units throughout the video, but we’ve seen dozens of those parked outside the production facility […]

Here are Renders of New Tesla Colors Coming From Giga Berlin [PICS]

During the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg County Fair in October, Tesla “hid” a Model Y with a brand new color option in the on-site paint shop for guests to stumble upon. Soon after, we learned that Giga Berlin would produce cars in three new paint colors: Deep Crimson Multi-Coat Abyss Blue Multi-Coat Mercury Silver Metallic Now, color […]

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin Has 33 Model Y Cars Parked Outside

After Tesla submitted documents for approval for Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg last month, new Model Y units have been seen rotating in and out of a lot at the nearly-complete factory – hinting that production vehicles may be imminent. A total of 33 Tesla Model Y units were spotted at Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg by local drone videographer @Tobias […]

Tesla Has Submitted Documents for Giga Berlin Approval: Minister

The approval process for final building permits for Tesla’s Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory is still ongoing, the Environment Ministry of the German State of Brandenburg said on Wednesday (via Reuters). Tesla and other relevant authorities have already submitted all of the documents necessary for approval, and the plans even cleared a second round of public objections last month. […]

Tesla Giga Berlin Final Permit Approval Coming Early 2022: Minister

Brandenburg Minister-President Dietmar Woidke said during a press conference on Monday that Tesla’s Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory will “probably” receive final approval for operations at the beginning of the new year, reports (via @SawyerMerritt). “The approval will come at some point,” said Woidke in a final press conference before the local government goes on break for […]

Tesla Did Not Want to Wait for EU Subsidies for Giga Berlin: Minister

Although Tesla may have been able to gain as much as 40 percent of its investments on the construction of its Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, the U.S. automaker did not want to wait for authorities to offer the incentive, according to one German minister. Economy Minister Peter Altmaier told reporters on Monday that Tesla did not wait […]

Tesla Model Y in Europe to Get Acoustic Rear Glass, 12V Li-Ion Battery for Model 3/Y

  As Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg comes closer to fruition, European customers are getting excited at new features being alluded to in the company’s parts catalogue. Tesla has updated its Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) to include the first part for Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg’s upcoming Model Y units, according to the company’s website (via @Tesla_Adri). The newest part […]