Tesla Giga Berlin Aims to Make 1,000 Model Y Cars Per Week by Month End

According to Automobilwoche, Tesla’s German Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg is currently producing 350 Model Y units per week (via @SawyerMerritt).

Tesla will ramp production at the facility up to 1,000 units per week by the end of this month, but the report also says that Giga Berlin won’t see another significant increase in output for the rest of the year.


With eight months left in the year, those numbers put Giga Berlin’s projected production for the rest of 2022 at just 35,000 units. That’s less than Gigafactory Shanghai’s output for a single month.

The output cap may be a result of supply constraints — Tesla’s German supply chain isn’t nearly as mature as its Chinese counterpart, and components aren’t as readily available to Giga Berlin as they are to Giga Shanghai.

Even so, every bit of capacity Tesla can squeeze out of each of its facilities this quarter should help make up for the production deficit from Giga Shanghai, where assembly lines have been shut down since March 28 as a result of lockdowns imposed by the local government to curb China’s largest COVID-19 outbreak in two years.

Tesla is expected to restart operations at Giga Shanghai this week under a “closed-loop” output system, but production will still be a fraction of the factory’s peak capabilities.

Giga Berlin received a full-fledged operating permit last month, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk delivered the first Model Y cars produced at the factory to customers days later.