Tesla Granted Permission to Make 2,000 Model Y Bodies at Giga Berlin, Says Filing

Tesla will officially be allowed to produce as many as 2,000 Model Y bodies at its not-yet-approved Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, according to an advanced approval document shared on Monday by Electrek.

While Tesla is still awaiting final approval from the Brandenburg Ministry’s Environmental arm, the company reportedly wasn’t happy with the first 250 Model Y bodies for which it was approved – with the order recently expanded to allow for up to 500 units per week for a total of 2,000 units.

In the document, the Brandenburg Ministry wrote, “The applicant has explained in detail – and also plausibly for the approval authority – their technical necessity. Because the results of the ongoing system tests show that the necessary quality and production efficiencies in relation to the above-mentioned operating units have not yet been achieved.” The Ministry continued, “The parts and/or bodies manufactured or joined as part of the system tests have a poor quality that deviates significantly from the system specifications. It is also understandable for the authority that the system tests are those that represent the indispensable minimum for the respective test procedures with a view to the specific system (parts) to be tested.”

Though Tesla submitted final approval documents to the Ministry last month, and production tests likely mean that the final approval is imminent, it’s still unclear as of yet when the company will be awarded final approval.

You can see the full document detailing Tesla’s expanded Model Y test approval for Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg here.