Tesla Hits Milestone: Giga Berlin Pumps Out 1,000+ Cars in a Week

Tesla’s German Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg this week hit weekly production of over 1,000 cars for the first time since starting operations in March.

Company CEO Elon Musk congratulated Giga Berlin staff on achieving the milestone in a tweet on Friday evening.

The factory built a total of 1,000 Model Y units this week, up significantly from the 86 cars per day it was reportedly churning out late last month. Tesla originally wanted to reach weekly production of 1,000 units at Giga Berlin by April’s end. However, it took a bit longer for the automaker to get there.

According to an April report, Giga Berlin won’t be able to push production beyond 1,000 units per week until next year. The output cap may be a result of supply constraints — Tesla’s German supply chain isn’t nearly as mature as regions like China and the U.S., and Giga Berlin relies on shipments of several components, including batteries, from Giga Shanghai.

If Berlin is able to keep up the same pace, it could pipe out at least another 24,000 units by year’s end.

Looking at a comparison between Giga Berlin in its first three months versus production of Giga Shanghai in the same time period, we can see the latter had higher production numbers.

According to one German minister, Giga Berlin is adding 500-600 people to its staff every month as manufacturing ramps up. Tesla is also hitting production records elsewhere, with the EV maker’s Fremont, California, factory posting all-time high daily production numbers last week.