New Tesla Superchargers in Pasadena to Support Cybertruck

After Battery Day, it’s no doubt that Tesla is in full-steam ahead mode – while the company’s shares dropped a decent bit after the event, this still won’t stop its factories, showrooms, service centers, and Superchargers from popping up around the world. In an update from Tesla Motors Club, it was announced that Pasadena will […]

Tesla Files Lawsuit to Stop Trump Tariffs on China

It feels like not long ago that Donald Trump was congratulating Tesla CEO Elon Musk for the new Giga Texas factory, and for reopening its Fremont factory before the state of California said it was okay. And now, Musk and Tesla have decided to take action against Trump, to retain its right to importing Chinese […]

Tesla 2020.36.12 Software Update Rolling Out to the Fleet

Tesla software version 2020.36.12 has started rolling out to the fleet on Wednesday evening. According to TeslaFi, software update 2020.36.12 was found being released on a Tesla Model Y in Washington, in the United States. Other Model Y owners also saw the 2020.36.12 software update from Tesla received in New York City, New York. Same […]

Tesla Network Outage Blamed on Internal API Issue: Report

Tesla owners on Wednesday suffered from an hour-long network outage, resulting in many not able to use the company’s mobile app or website. What caused this embarrassing outage? According to TechCrunch, sources familiar with the matter said it was a company-wide outage. “The Tesla outage was caused by an internal break of their application programming […]

Tesla Battery Suppliers See Shares Drop After Battery Day

According to Yahoo Finance, on Wednesday, the day after automaker Tesla (TSLA) shared its plan to cut the cost of batteries in half at its Battery Day event, the stocks of battery makers LG Chem Ltd (OTC: LGCLF) and Panasonic (OTC: PCRFY) fell 4.5% and 4%, respectively. Alongside Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s announcement that it […]

Tesla’s Giga Berlin Facing Local Criticism Ahead of Public Hearing

No matter how important sustainable transportation is, the feat is null and void without the careful use of other resources to build and maintain these all-electric vehicles (EVs). While Tesla has already received questions and concerns over resource management in its collection of nickel, the EV giant is now facing a new wave of criticism. On […]

Tesla Sells ‘S3XY CARS’ According to Elon Musk

Following today’s Tesla Battery Event, CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to reiterate the company’s ambitions to sell nothing but ‘S3XY CARS’. For those unaware, the current Tesla lineup can be shown with the acronym ‘S3XY’, with Model S, Model 3, Model X and the launch of Model Y this year completing the joke. But […]

Watch Tesla’s 2020 Battery Day Event Replay [VIDEO]

If you missed out on Tesla’s 2020 Battery Event, you can watch a replay of it on YouTube. The event took place immediately after Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting. The whole event, including the annual shareholder meeting, a brief intermission, following by Battery Day and the Q&A session for the latter resulted in a 3 hour […]

Tesla Designs Own Alloy for Model Y Single-Piece Rear Casting

Tesla has recently been trying to reduce the sheer amount of parts used in most of its vehicles’ castings, and the recent update is an exciting one to the compact SUV Model Y. On Tuesday, at the Tesla Battery day event, CEO Elon Musk announced to shareholders and virtual viewers that Tesla is building a […]

Watch Tesla’s Roadrunner 4680 Battery Cell Get Made [VIDEO]

Tesla’s new Roadrunner 4680 battery cell unveiled today gets its name from being 46mm wide and 80mm tall. According to Tesla, the new 4680 battery cell offers five times the energy, will increase vehicle range by 16% and has six times the power of existing batteries. With its cap-less design, this new battery allows for […]

Tesla Model S Plaid Launches for $140,000, Goes 0-60 in 2 Seconds

Among several other announcements at Tesla’s Battery Day, the company announced one of the most exciting developments in its fastest electric vehicle yet becoming available to the consumer market. On Tuesday at the Tesla (TSLA) Battery Day event, CEO Elon Musk announced the long-anticipated Tesla Model S Plaid, which will retail for $140,000 US, and […]