Tesla’s Massive Firebaugh Supercharger Station Construction Update



Image: Twitter user @CodingMark

In a recent tweet, Twitter user @CodingMark gives us a construction update on Tesla’s under-development Supercharger project in Firebaugh, California.

Tesla’s proprietary Supercharger network is one of the biggest perks its users enjoy. Construction on the Firebaugh project started in September of this year. Located along West Panoche Road just off I-5, the Supercharger station will be equipped with a whopping 56 Tesla Supercharger units, and 9 charging stations for non-Tesla EVs.

The number of charging stations makes the (soon-to-be completed) Firebaugh project one of the largest Tesla Supercharger stations in the United States. Recently, Tesla noted its LA Metro Supercharger station would soon see over 200 V3 chargers in 2021.

In addition, the proposed plans for the project also feature a convenience store, a restaurant, and a gas station with 6 fueling stations on the property. According to permits filed with concerned authorities, all facilities on the property are going to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Looking at the images shared by Twitter user @CodingMark, construction on the facility seems to be going pretty smoothly. Installation work on the charging units looks to be completed, so contractors should soon be moving on to laying the groundwork and working on the cosmetics of the project.


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