L.A. Metro Getting Over 200 Tesla V3 Superchargers in 2021

Charging infrastructure is probably one of the single-greatest barriers to having electric vehicles (EVs) hit the mainstream, aside from pricing. To fight this, Tesla has been building astronomical amounts of Superchargers throughout the world.

According to a new post on Reddit which depicts a sign outside of The Row in LA, Tesla will be installing 200+ V3 Superchargers in the LA area in 2021.

The new Superchargers will basically double the amount of currently-existing Superchargers in the Los Angeles area, giving much more freedom to Tesla users in the California city to choose where they want to charge. Tesla Superchargers in L.A. are notorious for being busy all the time, due to the high number of owners in the area.

While most users on Reddit and Twitter expressed excitement over the new Superchargers, u/Sertisy commented, “I don’t really like full speed chargers in malls, you don’t have enough time to go to a restaurant, or in some cases need to rush back quickly if you get stuck in a line before the overage charges start to.” They continued, “Give me a slow charger in every parking spot that I don’t have to vacate when fully charged please, and fast chargers for those that need them. Or maybe that’s the secret, you’re almost guaranteed to have people paying overage fees with those V3s, all profit.”

The charging infrastructure still has a long way to go before EVs become the norm. Still, the work Tesla is doing to increase charging opportunities for EV drivers is making a difference – and we can only hope it’s doing so fast enough to keep up with the shift to EVs.