Tesla App Now Lets You Use Homelink Without Full Self-Driving and Summon

Tesla’s recent 2020.40.3 software update has introduced a quiet change for users of the company’s mobile app and Homelink.

Homelink is an accessory available for purchase from Tesla, which lets owners control their home garage doors. Previously, in order to use Homelink in the Tesla mobile app, you would require to have purchased Full Self-Driving with Summon, in order to use it.

But now, it appears Homelink can be used in the Tesla app without Full Self-Driving and Summon enabled. If you didn’t have Summon before, there was no way to access Homelink in the Tesla app.

According to Mark Johnston from the Tesla Model Y Canadian Group on Facebook, he writes, “What a pleasant surprise, Homelink can now be remotely activated through the app without the need to purchase summon. Best update ever!”.

Johnston is using the latest Tesla iOS app, version 3.10.8, and said he noticed the change after updating his Tesla Model Y to 2020.40.3, which finally added Speed Assist features such as speed limit signs detection to Canada.

Check out his screenshot below:

Homelink tesla app

Johnston’s screenshot clearly shows the option to use Homelink, under the Controls menu of the Tesla iOS app.

Homelink is available to purchase from Tesla for the Model 3 and Model Y for $300 USD ($400 CAD) and the price includes installation.

If you’re a Homelink user–are you seeing this update too on iOS and Android with 2020.40.3 or later (2020.40.4 was released tonight)?