Gigafactory Austin Construction Update for Oct. 10 [4K VIDEO]



On October 10, YouTuber Jeff Roberts brought us another construction update on Tesla’s Gigafactory 5 in Austin, Texas. October 10 marks day 80 of construction on the site, located in southeastern Travis County at Harold Green Road and Texas 130.

The aerial video, shot in 4K using an iPhone 11 Pro Max and a DJI Mavic Air 2 drone, showcases just how fast progress is being made on the 2,481 acre site. The differences in where construction is today compared to just a week ago alone are impressive.

The video also includes an 80-day time-lapse of the progress made on the project, which accurately highlights the speed of construction in stellar visual quality.

According to the plans filed for the project as part of a permit application, Giga Austin will have three main buildings on-site, with parking structures in the Northern part of the premises and an electric utility building in the Eastern quadrant.

The video shows soil-work on the site nearing its completion, with foundations for the buildings being worked on. You can even see concrete already being poured in some places.

Tesla hopes construction on Giga Austin will take less time than the one year it took to have Giga Shanghai up and running. For now, Tesla wants Giga Austin to be operational by May 2021, and the pace of construction so far is certainly on track to meet that deadline.


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