New Tesla Model 3 Wheels are Coming with 2021 Refresh [PICS]

Tesla Model 3 new wheels 2

Along with Tesla’s latest Model 3 refresh for 2021, new wheels are coming, as seen by a reader tip to electrek. The new wheels were spotted on Model 3 vehicles loaded up on a car transport.

The new wheels look similar to Tesla’s 19’-inch Sport Wheels but they are different. Below you can see the Sport Wheels on the left—and the new 2021 Model 3 wheels on the right.

The new wheels see flatter spokes that meet the outer edge of the rim, which look to be more aerodynamic. They look like wheels caps but they’re not, according to a source speaking to electrek. They do look like wheels covers (take a look at the valve stem area?) and we will find out when the first deliveries happen for these new Model 3 refreshes.

Sport rim tesla model 3 vs new

Tesla’s Model 3 refresh is coming with new changes including chrome delete, a new center console and more. Looks like this Model 3 refresh for 2021 is going to be the gift that keeps on giving. When people start receiving these deliveries, it’ll be interesting if an octovalve and heat pump are included, like Model Y, but that may be a stretch, for now.