Tesla Model 3 with Chrome Delete and New Center Console Spotted [PICS]

Tesla model 3 chrome delete pic

With news today of Tesla set to introduce a Model 3 refresh, images of the new changes, including chrome delete, have been shared online.

@WholeMarsBlog tonight has shared a close-up image of a red Model 3, clearly showing off the new factory chrome delete, seen on the door handles and rear quarter panel window.

“I’m shaking. I found the new Model 3s,” said Whole Mars Catalog tonight. The Tesla fan also shared images of the new revamped centre console, although they are covered with some cloth paper. Notice how the center console now has stitched vegan leather on the sides:

Tesla model 3 center console

Another picture was shared of the interior from further back, showing off the screen, which appears to be different as the hinge looks new and the angle of the display is more tilted. With the steering wheel on the right, this Model 3 looks destined for Europe, Australia, Japan or the UK?

Tesla model 3 screen

@WholeMarsBlog says he was able to take these pictures as he happened to be able to follow a Tesla delivery truck. “Right as I was leaving see a truck going in the opposite direction. Peer that black trim. Follow it. Bam.”

The manufacture date sticker says October 8, 2020:

Earlier today, another image was shared of a Tesla Model 3 with chrome delete, but spotted from a distance, by u/Westy453:

Tesla model 3 chrome delete

Tesla’s Model 3 refresh will see the following new features:

  • Exterior chrome delete (like Model Y)
  • Power trunk gate (like Model Y)
  • Interior upholstery: new material, darker
  • Center console: matte finish (no longer glossy); 3 sections in 1 piece, chrome around second section; sliding door like like Model S/X
  • Cup holders now located higher
  • Phone charger: solid piece without flip up/down lid; wrapped in fake leather with suede material in center area
  • Windows: double-paned glass