Model S

U.S. Investigates Tesla Model S Touchscreen Failures

Tesla experienced some problems with a batch of Model S vehicles this week. While the Model S has been out of the spotlight for the company as of late, a new report shows some concerning issues with some touchscreens. As a result, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation into the issue. […]

Range Test: Tesla Model S LR Raven [VIDEO]

image via Bjørn Nyland The Tesla Model S remains a staple of innovation and performance within the electric vehicle space. Drivers praised the vehicle for its impressive 0 – 60 mph times and battery efficiency. But just how well does the Model S LR Raven hold its range? A new video from Bjørn Nyland explores […]

Tesla Model S Performance Receives Updated 0-60 mph Figure

The Tesla Model S Performance received some recent changes to its initial 0-60 mph estimates. On a new update found on Tesla’s website, the new 0-60 mph speed for the Tesla Model S Performance has been changed to 2.3 seconds. As seen on Tesla’s website, the figure remains quite impressive for the electric vehicle. In […]