Tesla Voice Commands for Air Suspension Ride Height Coming Says Elon Musk

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Ask and ye shall receive, right? That’s what it has come down to when responding to Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Twitter. You never know who he will reply to and what he will say.

When a request was made to have voice commands available to control air suspension ride height, available currently on the Model S and Model X, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded with “ok”, plus shed more light on what’s coming next.

“Ok. Overall air suspension height & damping algorithm is getting a lot of attention. Will be linked to FSD, so acts automatically,” said Musk.

In a nutshell, if you’re using Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (when the current beta exits its testing phase), Musk is saying your Tesla should automatically see what’s coming and lower and raise air suspension on its own. This would be useful for when Full Self-Driving detects a pothole ahead and then proceeds to raise the suspension to avoid damage to an owner’s Tesla, as one example.

Current Smart Air Suspension for Model S and Model X is handy for dealing with situations where speed bumps or steep slopes could cause damage to your car. All you have to do is raise the suspension, but it takes time to enable it through touchscreen controls.

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Musk did not provide a timeline of when this automatic adaptive suspension feature would become available. But chalk this one down as yet another promised feature from Musk.