Tesla Charging Port Clicking Noise Fix for Model S/X Coming in Software Update



Some Tesla Model S and Model X owners are dealing with a frustrating issue right now, related to charging.

When attempting to charge, a loud clicking noise occurs, with the issue affecting Tesla owners running 2020.48.10 and 2020.44.X software versions.

“Several Model X and Model S owners in my various Tesla groups are reporting a clicking sound when attempting to charge. Curious how wide spread this is. Let me know if you have this issue,” said @TeslaCanuck on Wednesday.

You can listen to the clicking sound when charging below shared by @TeslaCanuck:

Another video of the clicking noise can be seen below:

But it appears a fix may be in the works, according to Tesla support’s response to @DaSayHeyKID.

“Our virtual team was able to confirm that this charging issue is a characteristic of the [vehicle’s] current firmware. A potential resolution will be implemented in 2020.48.12 which should roll out to your vehicle fairly soon. We are unable to push this update at this time.”

Tesla says the charging noise fix for the meantime is to “turn off scheduled charging for the time being.”

Another fix for this clicking sound when charging is to open and close the door, according to @TeslaCanuck.

The issue appears to have also affected some Model 3 owners in years past as well, according to Tesla’s online forums.

Are you dealing with this annoying clicking sound when you’re charging your Model S or Model X?

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