Stories by Nehal Malik

Tesla Owners Seeing Rare Warning for Blocked Front Camera

As posted on Reddit, a recent Tesla software update has apparently added a new “Traffic control feature may be degraded” warning for when the front camera is blinded or its sight is otherwise blocked. The 2020.40.3 update started rolling out to Teslas earlier this week, and the update brought with it a host of new […]

Tesla Model Y Reviewed on the Track by Motortrend

After being unable to comprehensively review the Tesla Model Y upon its release due to the ongoing pandemic, the folks at MotorTrend finally got their hands on a Tesla Model Y Dual-Motor Long Range All-Wheel Drive and put it to the test. We put the 2020 @Tesla Model Y Long Range electric SUV on our test […]

Volkswagen ID.3 Overtakes Tesla Model 3 as Norway’s Top-Selling EV

After performing admirably in the Netherlands during Q3 2020, Volkswagen’s ID.3 has taken over the globally successful Tesla Model 3 as the top-selling electric vehicle in Norway, according to data from Elbil Statisikk (via The Driven). Volkswagen, a German original equipment manufacturer operating in the global automotive industry, became a legend in the auto industry […]

Tesla Inclusion in S&P 500 May Take Some Time, Says Ex-Committee Head

According to Bloomberg, David Blitzer, former chair of the committee that decides which stocks are admitted to the S&P Dow Jones Indices, has said that Tesla’s induction into the index may take some time, even though the electric vehicle company more than meets the usual criteria for admission. After an immensely successful Q2 that came as […]

Every Single Polestar 2 EV Recalled Over Random Shutdown Bug

According to InsideEVs, Polestar has decided to conduct a complete recall of the Polestar 2 following the discovery of a mysterious issue that’s causing the EV to simply shut down in various situations – even while it’s driving! Operating on the Android Automotive OS and hailing a key-less driving experience (the vehicle connects directly to your […]

Clean Energy Upstart NextEra Surpasses ExxonMobil in Market Cap

According to The Financial Times, clean energy-focused NextEra Energy Inc. took over the oil and gas giant ExxonMobil as the largest energy company in the US in terms of market capitalization this week. Clean energy group NextEra surpasses ExxonMobil in market cap — Financial Times (@FT) October 2, 2020 During intraday trading on Friday, October […]

Ontario Housing Project to Feature Parking Towers Equipped with Teslas

A currently under-development luxury housing project by the name of EVE Park in London, Ontario will also include parking towers fully equipped with a number of Tesla electric vehicles and EV chargers (via Reddit) in the Canadian province. The developers behind the project want to provide residents with a parking structure for their vehicles, but […]

Miner Vale SA Wants to Sell Canadian Nickel to Tesla

Mark Travers, Executive Director of base metals at Brazilian mining company Vale SA, told Reuters that the company is currently talking to Tesla and its competitors in the EV industry to try and strike deals with them for the nickel it is currently mining in Canada. Nickel is the biggest challenge for high-volume, long-range batteries! […]

Tesla Acquires German Manufacturer of Battery Production Lines

According to a report from Reuters, Tesla has struck a deal to acquire ATW Automation, a German manufacturer of production lines, mostly for battery packs and battery modules for the automotive industry. The report cites an individual privy to the details of this agreement as the source of the information. ATW Automation, a subsidiary of Canada’s […]

Tesla Gigafactory Austin Construction Update Sept. 26 in 4K [VIDEO]

In his recently published YouTube video, Jeff Roberts documents the developments made on the construction site for Tesla’s Austin Terafactory located in southeastern Travis County. Anyone with a keen eye will be able to make out how far along construction on the facility is, with there even being noticeable changes from as recently as earlier this […]

Tesla Buys Additional 381 Acres of Land for Austin Gigafactory

According to the Statesman, Tesla has purchased an additional 381 acres of land for its under-construction Terafactory in Austin, Texas. The acquisition was made back in August, soon after soil work started on the site. Located in southeastern Travis County at Harold Green Road and Texas 130, the Terafactory project, which previously spanned a massive 2,100 […]

Battery Metal Miners Say Elon Musk is Dampering Investments

According to a report published by the Financial Post, Elon Musk’s ambitions for the future of the electric vehicle (EV) world are making it hard for many in the battery metals mining business to seek investors. Battery metal miners trying to tap electric car boom want Elon Musk to stop killing their buzz — Gabe […]

Vancouver’s First Tesla Taxi is Now Looking for Fares

According to a report by CBC News, cabbie Shaminder Rattan will soon be taking to the streets in what he believes to be Vancouver’s first Tesla taxi, in the province of British Columbia in Canada. Anyone booking a ride in Shaminder Rattan’s cab won’t hear him coming. That’s because the 62-year-old Yellow Cab driver has bought […]

2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Electric SUV: Price, Specs, and More

Volkswagen is finally ready to introduce to the world the ID.4 – a fully electric SUV that produces zero carbon emissions and is produced through a carbon-neutral process, reports Volkswagen. With its second electric vehicle ever, Volkswagen is targeting the most sought-after vehicle segment in both the U.S. and China – SUVs. The veteran auto-maker’s […]

Porsche Taycan Turbo Reviewed by MKBHD [VIDEO]

In the sixth installment of his automotive-centric YouTube series Auto Focus, MKBHD details his experience with the Porsche Taycan Turbo. Marques Keith Brownlee, the man and well-known tech reviewer on YouTube behind the acronym, was given a Taycan Turbo to drive around for two weeks and then review. In his video, Marques shares his thoughts […]