Tesla Voice Command ‘Open Messages’ Opens Trunk and Charge Port Instead



Image: u/TheJadedSF on Reddit

According to a Reddit thread published yesterday, the 2020.48.10 software update for Tesla vehicles has a new bug that causes some unintended results while using specific voice commands.

While the latest software update for Tesla vehicles comes with some nifty holiday Easter eggs and a bunch of highly-appreciated quality of life improvements, it apparently also brings a host of new bugs.

It would seem the latest OTA software update has gotten some of the Operating System’s metaphorical wires crossed, as Reddit user TheJadedSF‘s Model 3 with 2020.48.10 installed opens the trunk and charge port in response to the “Open my messages” and “Open messages” voice commands, respectively.

While previous versions of the OS would simply say “This command isn’t supported yet” in response to these voice commands, version 2020.48.10 seems to have its own unique way of responding.

Thankfully, the OS remains sober enough to not open the trunk or charge port while the vehicle is in motion, even when the voice commands in question are detected. That certainly could have been a recipe for disaster.

“I haven’t used voice commands since my test drive in 2014,” commented another Reddit user. While this definitely isn’t an experience-breaking problem, there are others in the update (those pertaining to navigation and Full Self-Driving, especially) that are.

Expect a fix for some of version 2020.48.10’s glaring bugs and issues soon.

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