Tesla Headlights, Rear Lights Now Stay On After Exiting in 2020.48.10

Tesla’s rear lights and headlights now remain on after exiting the vehicle, thanks to software update 2020.48.10. Photo: u/Schmeltz318 on Reddit

Tesla dropped a number of fun Easter eggs in its new 2020.48.10 holiday update, along with a number of other exciting new features.

Among them, one Reddit user noticed that the rear lights and headlights now remain on for up to a minute after exiting the vehicle. This feature was originally available back in 2018 but was removed in a later update by Tesla. But now it’s back.

The feature, as shared by Reddit user u/Schmeltz318 is a welcome change, especially for anyone that frequently uses the trunk or frunk, since it will provide automatic light for a time after parking rather than the owner having to use a separate light or start the car again.

Some users have reported issues with the new update’s navigation, Autopilot, and Full Self-Driving features, despite having paid for the service and having used it in prior updates. In any case, hopefully, a follow-up update will correct the issues swiftly, without a number of owners having to deal with the issue.

Along with the updated lights, the new update also includes more dynamic brake lights, improvements to Autosteer and apparently navigation too, Sentry Mode upgrades, and more. While the differences from 2020.48.5 are minimal, they’re still notable – especially the addition of extra light after exiting the vehicle. After all, it’s the subtleties that make Teslas so well-designed.