Tesla Holiday Easter Eggs in 2020.48.10 Software Update

Tesla holiday easter egg

Tesla is known to hide ‘Easter eggs’ within its software, little features that can make you smile when you manage to find and unlock them.

The latest Tesla holiday Easter egg is your vehicle being replaced by Santa in his sleigh, which is available in the recent 2020.48.10 software update, according to an image shared on Reddit. While driving, your vehicle is Santa’s sleigh and other cars are seen as reindeer.

Reddit user ‘wwwz’ also notes “the camp-mode image has multicolored light strings” in 2020.48.10 as well.

To get the screen above, you need to say “Ho ho ho” or “Ho ho ho not funny” and your Tesla will turn into Santa in his sleigh. You can also activate this ‘Santa Mode’ from the toy box.

Other users chimed in to say in 2020.44, the sleigh would only appear when their Tesla was put into park.

Tesla has hidden numerous Easter eggs within its vehicles over the years, and this latest comes ahead of what CEO Elon Musk teased would be an exciting holiday software update.