Tesla Completes 600 Superchargers in China With Time to Spare



Image: Ray4Tesla on Twitter

Tesla’s entry into the Chinese electric vehicle (EV) market is relatively recent, so its operations in China are just starting to ramp up versus other automakers. It would seem that Tesla’s Greater China arm is working overtime, however, with a recent tweet announcing that China’s 600th Supercharger just went live.

Supercharger infrastructure is actually one of the keys to Tesla’s success, which is why it comes as no surprise that the EV pioneer is laser-focused on getting as many stations up and running in China as it can, as quickly as it can.

The company announced big plans for Superchargers in China back in July, setting a goal of building 600 new Superchargers in the region by the end of 2020.

Saturday saw a total of five new Chinese Supercharger locations come online (three V3 Supercharger stations, and two V2). The last of these locations was the 600th Tesla Supercharger built in the Greater China region, squashing the company’s original goal with time to spare.

What’s even more impressive is that the last 100 Supercharger stations only took Tesla 19 days to deploy.

With reports suggesting the company has plans of ramping up operations even further, it shouldn’t take Tesla’s Chinese efforts long to catch up to its international operations.

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