Tesla Plans to Install Several New Superchargers in China

Perhaps even more impressive than Tesla’s innovative electric vehicles is the fact that the company also created a charging infrastructure network for drivers. In North America, Tesla Supercharger expansion has experienced steady growth since its inception. As more vehicles sell and more drivers take to the roads, the demand for convenient access to charging stations grows in tandem. This year saw some amazing developments for Tesla’s presence in China. Now the company has announced that it will be adding 4,000 Superchargers to China this year alone.

China represents one of the world’s foremost adopters of electric vehicle technology. As the world’s most renowned electric vehicle maker, it only makes sense that Tesla would continue to invest in the Chinese market. As a new report from Electrek shows, “The Chinese government has been aggressive in deployment electric vehicle charging infrastructure and Tesla even adopted the local charging port standard to take advantage of the network, but EV owners could always use more charge points.”

Tesla already began deliveries of the Model 3 Long Range throughout China. Despite some problems with coronavirus earlier in the year, production at the Shanghai Gigafactory continues. With so many new Supercharger stations coming and steady demand, Tesla China has a bright future.