Demand Rises for Tesla’s China-Made Model 3

It appears that demand is already quite high for Tesla Model 3s made in Shanghai. As Tesla recently began development at its Gigafactory 3 located in Shanghai, customers are eager to get their hands on the China-made Model 3. Even though Shanghai Giga will only be producing the Model 3 Performance and Long-Range Model 3s for now, the hype is mounting.

On the back of the price announcements for the China-made vehicles, Tesla’s already received numerous orders for the vehicles. Tesla plans to begin production of the vehicles starting in the early summer of 2020. With some initial hurdles overcome with Shanghai production, the Chinese market still remains poised to receive Tesla with open arms.

New video footage of the Shanghai Gigafactory may also have some role to play in the recent orders. Given a look into the production facility may have instilled greater confidence in Chinese consumers. After a flub caused by an interrupted supply chain due to coronavirus, it looked as though Tesla may struggle to gain a foothold with Chinese customers. Seeing the productivity of workers in Shanghai produced a further interest in the company. This combined with the price announcements have led to some impressive order numbers for the Tesla China-made Model 3s.