Tesla Confirms Prices for Chinese-Made Model 3 Long Range and Performance Models

Tesla has been quite productive since launching their Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China. Not only did the electric vehicle manufacturer receive permission to produce the Model 3 Long Range in China from China’s Ministry of Industry and Technology, but they also marked a record sales month in March 2020. Now Tesla has released its pricing structure for the Model 3 Long Range and Performance Models in China.

A new tweet from @JayinShanghai shows off the pricing model for new Tesla vehicles. The Model 3 Long Range will be priced at 339,050RMB, the equivalent of $48,187.20 USD or $67,247.41 CAD. Of course the tweet also includes the estimated range, coming in at 668km or 415 miles. While these figures were expected for the Model 3 Long Range, it’s reassuring to see Tesla making progress on production in Shanghai despite some earlier challenges in the year.

Furthermore, the “MIC Model 3 Performance will also be produced at Giga Shanghai.” The Performance Model will be prices at 419,800RMB which comes out to $59,663.73 USD or $83,263.42 CAD.

Tesla plans to begin production of the electric vehicles in the summer of 2020. Giga Shanghai remains productive despite the coronavirus outbreak that swept through China just a few months ago. The company enacted a new set of safety protocols to protect employees at Giga Shanghai.