Tesla Ramping Up Production in Shanghai, Model Y Expected for Q1 2021: Report

Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai has some lofty production plans set for the next few months. The regional demand for the China-made Model 3 continues to increase. As such, “During its Q1 2020 earnings results last month, Tesla announced that it is now pushing to achieve the production of 4,000 cars per week in mid-2020,” according to sources at Electrek.

Production at the facility would exceed expectations first put into place by the electric vehicle manufacturer. However, Tesla continues to hit its benchmarks both in North America and elsewhere, resulting in a recent major payout for CEO Elon Musk.

But plans of 4,000 cars per week don’t conclude the company’s plans in Shanghai. The vice president of Tesla China, Tao Lin, shared details on new plans. The company aims to begin production on the Model Y in China in the beginning of 2021. An interview at Xinhua reveals more details.”…mass production of Model Y models is expected in the first quarter of next year,” Lin said.

Until then, Tesla works to sort out its pending legal trouble in China. Meanwhile, in North America, Tesla reopened its factory in Fremont, California. The return to work follows a stint of halted operation in the face of the coronavirus outbreak.