Tesla Plans 56-Stall Supercharger in Arvin, California



According to MarcoRPTesla, Tesla has filed construction permits for the construction of a new 56-stall Supercharger station at the Tejon Ranch Outlet Mall in Arvin, California. The application date is labeled May 4, and displays a total project value of $350,000 – presumably for the contracting and construction itself.

In a follow-up post on the thread, one user said they were at the Tejon site Monday morning, and saw a “flatbed truck with supercharger equipment ready to be installed.”

While earlier reports showed Tesla using pre-fabricated Superchargers to streamline construction at a Beaver, Utah station, the user mentioned later in the thread that those arriving to the Arvin Tejon station were not pre-fabricated chargers.

The 56-stall Arvin Supercharger site is set to be one of the largest, following behind upcoming sites in Fresno County with at least 80 Supercharger stalls, and in Santa Monica with 62 Supercharger stalls, tying with Firebaugh’s completed 56-stall Supercharger station.

A 36-stall Supercharger station also popped up in San Francisco last week, located at Geary Street.

Earlier this month, Tesla officially hit 25,000 Superchargers globally, according to Tesla’s official Supercharging Twitter account.

A Tesla Lead also announced last month that energy generated for Tesla’s Superchargers will be 100% renewable in 2021, marking a major step forward in reducing the company’s carbon footprint.


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